28 Funny Girl Memes That Are Way Too Real


Being a girl is so awesome. We get to enjoy a wide variety of choices in clothes and we can wear colored nail polishes just to satisfy our mood and personality. We can give birth and we get to have a new last name when we get married.

Despite all those things, however, being a girl still has its downsides and that’s what today’s collection will bring light to. We specifically collected the struggles of being a girl so you can finally stop stressing about them. These funny girl memes are so hilarious that you’ll forget how bad and awkward they feel in real life.

Being Called Cute


Boyfriend Says

I Don’t Always

Didn’t Go

Hey I Just Met You

I Don’t Have A Girlfriend

Is Google

I Told A Girl

Let’s Go Out

Lost Her Friends

When A Girl Tells

She’s Angry

Takes 2 Hours

Telling A Girl

Wait A Minute

When A Girl Replies

When He Keeps

Me When My Mom

When Somebody Says

When Your Bff Starts

When You Tell Your Man

White Girl Radar

Why She

You Add Me

You Haven’t Texted Me

You’re Really Pretty

You Want A Chick


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