25 Most Hilarious Ghetto Memes


Ghetto gets a bad rap in a lot of instances but it can mean a lot of positive things like slice-of-life hilarity, down-to-earth humor, and an odd sense of respect, too.

If you’re looking for funny ghetto memes, check these out.

Baby Look Like He Pays His Own Child Support

funny ghetto baby look like memes

Ice Cube’s Dwarf Brother

Deadbeats Be Like

Eyebrows On

funny ghetto eyebrows on memes

Ghetto Spongebob

Girls Be Like Brows On Point Today

He Got That Good Times Hair

If Her Weave Is Brighter Than Her Future

funny ghetto her weave is brighter memes

If There’s A Will There’s A Way

In Super Mario Kart

Meanwhile In The Hood

That Hidden Anger

funny ghetto hidden anger memes

Wachoo Mean

Weekend Is That You Playa

When You Take Nyquil And Dayquil At The Same Time

funny ghetto nyquil and dayquil memes

When Your Mom Grills The Chicken

When Your Ugly Friend Start Calling You Twin

I Don’t Have A Lot Of Money

When You Try Taking Her Out On A Classy Date

funny ghetto date memes

When My Momma Forgets To Ask For Her Change

funny ghetto forgot to ask for her change memes

When Your Hairstyle Shows What’s Really On Your Mind

funny ghetto hairstyle memes

Meanwhile In The Hood

funny ghetto in the hood memes

A Friend Asked What My Neighborhood Was Like

funny ghetto neighborhood memes

When They Say No Cooking In Your Dorm Room

funny ghetto no cooking memes

Only In The Ghetto

funny ghetto tumbleweave memes

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