28 Funny Drinking Memes That Will Absolutely Make You ROFL


Drinking once in a while is a good way to unwind, particularly after a long week of hard work. Unfortunately, most of the time, drinking comes with a lot of embarrassing experiences that you, your friends and family will surely remember for the rest of their lives.

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Here’s a collection of funny drinking memes¬†to prove our point.

After A Night

Alcohol Does Great Things

Any Drugs Or Alcohol

As Far As My Liver Knows

Coming Home From Work Like

Day Drinking

Drink Beer They Said

Drinking Friends

Drink Responsibly

First Drink

I Don’t Always

I Hate When People Say

I’m Not An Alcoholic

It’s True

I’ve Stopped Drinking For Good

Mom Says

My Face

Please God


Roses Are Red

Saying I Have A Drinking Problem

Shut Up Liver

Sneaking Alcohol Into Work

Tonight I Will

When My Friends Ask

Where Do You See Yourself In 40 Years

You Have A Terrible Hangover

You Know

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