20 Hilarious And Very Relatable Asian Memes


If you know someone who’s fond of Asian jokes, then these funny Asian memes will come in handy!

Asians are often the subject of jokes and mockery because of their high expectations in education, practical lifestyle and close-knit family relationships. For example, you’d know there’s an Asian living in your dorm if you find Asian parents walking down the hall, carrying a laundry bag.

Funny, right? Below are more funny memes for you.

Doesn’t Eat Birthday Cake 

Fastest Calculator In The World

Got 100% On Math 

Haha Medusa Ain’t Gettin’ Me

Happy New Year

I Don’t Understand

I Heard You Got A 105 On The Last Test

I Need My Rice

If At First You Don’t Succeed 


No Little Asian 

Oh Please Honey

Only Did One Hour Of Homework

Parking Level: Asian

Ramen Noodlemans Costume 38 Cents

Skips Class 

Son Of High Expectations Asian Father Meme

They Gave Me A B 

Wah!?!? Noo Maah Rice?!?!?

Wing Wing Wing 

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