20 Funny 4th of July Memes For This Special Holiday

Celebrate freedom with fireworks and 4th of July memes!

The 4th of July is one of the most historic events in America. It the day when freedom was claimed from England and the United States of America was formed. Americans celebrate this day with festivities and fireworks… and humor. These 20 funny 4th of July memes will surely induce laughter, adding more cheer to the event.

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4th Of July The Day Will Smith Saved Us From The Aliens

Bad Eagle Farts Smells Like Freedom

Brace Yourselves

Can I Get A Big Mac With A Side Of Freedom

Ermagerd Sperklers

Freedom Posts Everywhere

I Want You To Remove This Hat

I’m Very Liberal

Imma Walk In People Backyards Like

Just Do It

Oh My God You Look Like The 4th Of July

Shoot Fireworks On July 4th

So I Stood Up And Told That Teachin Lady

So You Like Fireworks?

Tell Me Another Story About Freedom

Terrible Boom Boom Nightmare Day

The Colonies Are Quite Rowdy Today

To The People Working On 4th Of July

Today We Thelebrate

Trust Us

Celebrate with a funny 4th of July meme!