25 Funniest Memes Your Timeline Should Have


Friends are a blessing. Be it the happiest or the saddest point in your life, your friends will always be there to share it with you. They share your life’s least and most important moments. From their first crush, to beating their big brother in Overwatch or just bumming around their house, your friend is sure to send you a message to share that moment.

In fact, they would not stop accounting their activities online and just need to tell you every little detail. It’s just how it is, they will not be satisfied unless they send you a message telling you that they are currently walking their dog or just watching their neighbor mow the front yard. They will put all sorts of emojis to get their emotion across. Even sending gifs and memes.

Let me bless your timeline with the funniest memes my friends sent me.

Admit It

At A Restaurant

When You Accidentally Press Send

Just Do It

That Lovely Air We Breathe

Love Yourself

When You Post Your Funniest Memes

When She Can’t Hang Out

Old People

Reasons To Date Me

She’s Angry

Make Her Feel Special


Big Words

That Perfect Moment

The Face You Make

Valentines Day

She Doesn’t Wear Make Up

So Done

When Supervisor Asks


No Tan, No Hair

That Tingly Feeling

Lost Your Phone?


Pretty Drunk

I hope you enjoyed the memes! Go ahead, share it with your friends. Because isn’t that what friendship is for? Sharing life’s happy moments.