17 Fortnite Memes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh


What is Fortnite? It’s hard for older people to understand only that it is a game their kids play on the pc. But that’s the only thing they know about it. They don’t know that it’s a game of strategies, communication, and a lot more. It’s almost a lifestyle amongst the younger ones.

What older people do understand is that it’s very popular enough that the Fortnite meme was created and a lot of it is always going viral.

Let’s look at some of the popular memes on this awesome game.

It’s Okay Bro, Games Will Never Break Your Heart

boy fortnite meme

Who’s there?

bush fortnite meme

Just Take The Fall

fall fortnite meme

New Fish In The Shop Is Lit

fish fortnite meme

Where We Dropping 

good fortnite meme


guys fortnite meme

Priorities First

landing fortnite meme

Sacrifices Have To Be Done Sometimes

loot fortnite meme

Loot: *breathes*


mine fortnite meme

Tip: Be A Cool Older Person In The Family Reunion

phone fortnite meme

Call Me The Game Master

randomly fortnite meme

Squad Goals

skins fortnite meme

Carrying Your Squad Be Like

squad fortnite meme

Where Are You Now That I Need You?

storm fortnite meme

That One Friend After One Kill

team fortnite meme

I Thought We Were Friends

unit fortnite meme

Savage Fortnite Meme

win fortnite meme

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