Feelings Change, Memories Don’t


  • memories are always fixed because it has already happen and no matter how many years will pass it will always remain unchangeable, but feelings changes constantly, in every little thing that we will encounter everyday our feelings always get affected it to it so better make a good memory when you feel good.

  • @Rena C. Franklin: Beautiful words, Rena 🙂 memories are beautiful and we can save it on our mind and also our heart. Memories can impress our feeling. I always remember good memories to make my feeling better 🙂 without memories we have nothing.

  • Saddy

    Yeah, I agree with this. There was a time that my friend change and I don’t really understand him. So I decided that i should forget him, but it’s too hard. .i really miss him that time and all I gonna do is to remembering our memories together. 🙁
    It really makes me cry.