20 Hilarious Facemask Memes For The Pandemic Era


Ignorance is bliss so they say. We always thought 2020 couldn’t be worse and 2020 said, here, hold my beer. A pandemic swept in and settled in for the long term. As a result, we’ve had more than a year of social distancing and face masks. While going about your business in a mask is never fun, some people have taken the opportunity to make their masks fashionable and innovative.

Of course, we have facemask memes. Check out these hilarious takes on facemasks.

When The Bars Finally Open

facemask bars open memes

This Is Beyond Science

facemask beyond science memes

The Good News Is My Custom Facemask Arrived

facemask custom memes

DiCaprio Face Mask

facemask dicaprio memes

When You Hate People More Than The Virus

facemask hate people memes

Norton AntiVirus

facemask improvise memes

Surgeons Operating With A Mask On For 20 Hours

facemask karens memes

Laughing At A Meme Before

facemask laughing memes

You Don’t Monkey Around

facemask monkey around memes

All The Humans With Muzzles

facemask muzzles memes

Necessity Is The Mother Of All Inventions

facemask necessity memes

Product Package Said Face Mask

facemask package memes

Good Looking People Having To Wear Face Masks

facemask people memes

People With Glasses Be Like

facemask people with glasses memes

The Perfect Face Mask Doesn’t Exis

facemask perfect memes

When I Go Outside

facemask second face memes

Tan Line In 2020 Be Like

facemask tan lines memes

Well Crap

facemask van gogh memes

Me Walking Past You With No Mask On

facemask walking memes

A Day May Come Where I Get Sick

facemask will not be this day memes