18 Mind-Boggling Expanding Brain Meme


If you ever want to make fun of yourself for the most absurd things, then what you need is a Brain Expanding meme. Also known as Galaxy Brain memes, these multi-panel series show the world more often than not in a skewed way. It’s a funny discourse where people who believe the Earth is flat have a more superior brain than those who profess it to be round.

Check out these tongue-in-cheek jokes below and see if there is a Brain Expanding meme that is perfect for you. Let me guess. You like to use “whomst’d’ve” in your sentences, right?

A Healthy Relationship

Being A Furry

Dragon Ball References

Earth Is Round

Finishing Projects

Harry Potter Political Comparisons

I Can’t

I Watch TV

Language Chart

Me In Kindergarten

Moon Landings Were Real

Music Appreciation

Pokemon Evolution

Psychology Definitions And Terms

Saying “See Ya”

School Subjects

Walk Up And Talk To Her

Who Whom Whom’st

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