15 Exercise Memes You Can Totally Relate To


Being physically active is essential for your general health. It keeps you away from heart diseases, diabetes, asthma, back pain, and even arthritis. Exercise can also reduce your risk of getting obese.

Despite all those benefits, however, not everyone is into exercise. With sore muscles, painful body, and shortness of breath, it’s easy to feel discouraged and uninterested in engaging in regular exercise. If you’ve tried hitting the gym or going out for a run for the first time, you’d know those things very well.

So, as a way to motivate you and make you smile today, we’re sharing with you this totally relatable exercise meme collection. Go ahead and check the memes out!

Dear ABS

When You Wanna Get In Shape

When I Say I Want To Lose Weight

What If Exercise Is Bad For Your Body

The Feeling When

That Last Squat Rep

Now That’s A Muscle I’ve Not Felt

When You’re Dying

I Workout Everyday

It Takes Years Of Training And Dieting

I Really Wanted To Workout Today

I Must Exercise To Lose Weight

I Exercised Once


The Only Exercise I’ve Done This Month

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