20 Best Ewww Memes You Just Can’t Unsee

Memes have become very popular these days. We use them to greet our friends and loved ones on special occasions. We also use memes to express our moods and thoughts. They’re pretty handy in expressing random emotions, too.

And if you’re feeling disgusted, there’s a meme for that as well. If you are looking for one, here’s our best ewww meme collection you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.

But Ur Crush Says “Ewww No WTF”

Dafuq Is That

Eww Are Those Feelings

Eww It’s Ugly 

Ewww Cooties

Ewww Girl

Ceiling Girl Is Watching You


Ewww No No No

Ewww… No Tuna

Ewww Terribru

Ewww That’s Gross

Ewww What’s That Awful Smell

Ewww Why You Gotta Say That

Ewww Your Bad Breathe

Ewwww I Can Feel The Bern

Ewwww Just Nasty

Theriously Theriously

Wait He’s How Old


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