12 Elmo Memes – See Him With Teeth!


Are you here for a funny Elmo meme?

Elmo is a perky character on Sesame Street. Not many people know it but Elmo is actually just 3 and a half years old. Also, we’re not sure if he’s a “he” because Elmo always talks about himself in the third person, as in Elmo this and Elmo that.

Despite his cute personality and perky disposition, Elmo’s character has spawned the inevitable internet memes.

Check out some Elmo memes below

You In Trouble

classmate elmo memeIt Burnssssss
cooking elmo memeIt Can’t Be…
decides elmo memeFor Real?!
drake elmo memeIntelligence 100
eclipse elmo memeToo Real
exercise elmo memeElmo With Teeth
mane elmo memeElmo Costume
red elmo memeAt The Used Clothing Store
religion elmo memeElmo’s Been Places
seen elmo memeBurned Alive
shower elmo meme

When I See A Bee

Which Elmo meme made you laugh today?