If You Know, Then You Know: 20 Funny EA Memes


EA has long since been infamously known as the black sheep of gaming companies. Known for their highly questionable business practices involving shady business models, pay-to-win mechanisms, and excessive amounts of microtransactions, EA has dipped it’s toes in it all! Their most recent controversies have to do with “gambling” allegations towards it’s loot box systems in their FIFA games, as kids should not be subject to the gambling they’ve called “surprise mechanics” in the form of loot boxes containing completely randomized rewards.

Because of their reputation, EA is typically made fun of in the gaming community. If you see a game that costs $60 which still contains add-ons you have to purchase for the complete experience, you’d better watch out. It’s probably made by EA! Have a look at the many EA memes we’ve gotten for your enjoyment below.


ea bread meme


ea breathing meme

Credits Are No Good Here

ea credits not good here meme

EA Putting Another FIFA On the Market Every Year Be Like

ea fifa meme


ea heart meme

Says We Can Buy The Extra Table Leg For 5.99

ea ikea meme

I’m EA

ea imma head out meme

Pray For Jedi Fallen Order Not To Have Any Microtransactions

ea jedi mind tricks meme


ea meme earth


ea meme eating

Prince EA

ea meme prince


ea meme sea

Madden Needs More Innovation

ea meme sports executive

The EA Cycle

ea meme the ea cycle

EA Memes Explained

ea meme the battlefront 2 scandal

EA Announcing Their Latest Microtransactions

ea microtransaction meme

Roses Are Red

ea roses are red meme

EA Isn’t Atrocious

ea seriously meme

If EA Sold Newspapers

ea sold newspapers meme

EA Tech Support

ea tech support meme