20 Dumb Memes That Are Ridiculously Funny


Sometimes, it’s hard to tell someone that he’s acting all weird and senseless. You might offend that person’s feelings to the point that your friendship falls apart. So, what to do?

One of the best approaches to such situation is to use humor. It can ease the tension and creates a lighter atmosphere.

To help you with that, here’s our dumb meme collection you can use to subtly tell someone that he’s looking foolish.

If Someone’s Opinion

One Does Not

You Are So Dumb

That My Friends

You Can’t Look Dumb

Is It Just Me

She’s So Dumb


Please Help Me

Waits In Line For 3 Hours


I Love Playing Dumb

Complain About The Wife

I Play Dumb

That’s So Dumb

Are You Dumb

I No Dumb Dumb

Laughing At Inappropriate Time

I Have The WTF Look

Well That Was Dumb

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