15 Duck Face Memes You’ll Be Happy To See


So many trending expressions became popular these past few years and duck face is probably one that won’t go away easily. From kids, models to artists, you’ll see them posing for photos with their lips pressed together like ducks.

While a lot of people find the pose adorable, there are others who feel irritated seeing them. For these people, duck face is for those who don’t know how to smile properly in photos.

No matter what you think about duck face, we can all agree on one thing: it’s popular. This is exactly why there are a lot of memes about it. Just check out our duck face meme collection to see our point.

When Someone Says

What They See

The Only Acceptable


Am I Sexy Baby


I Don’t Always

I Was Duckface

Lemme Try This Sexy Duckface

Mona Lisa

Oh So You Make A Duck Face

One Does Not Simply

#Orange Duck Face

She Pulled A Duck Face

That Poor Girl

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