24 Nostalgic Dragon Ball Z Meme


Hey guys, are you ready for a Dragon Ball Z meme?

Growing up in the 90s had its highs and lows. Forget about the baggy pants and extra large shirts, this decade had the best music and cartoons hands down. Aside from the nostalgic playlist, the 90s was also the time when kids and adults alike were dominated by just one anime —Yes! Only one anime. The new generation may be just starting to like Dragon Ball Z but for the Generation X, Dragon Ball was a global phenomenon.

Brace yourselves as you blast to the past with a Dragon Ball Z meme. Don’t worry. It won’t take 7 episodes for you to finish them all. 😉

After Your First Hard Workout


Did Drake Say YOLO?

Do You Even Lift?

How People See Yamcha

I Don’t Always Die

If IPhone Is So Much Better

My Favorite Character

Namek Will Explode In 5 Minutes

Raise Gohan?

Says Planet Will Blow Up

She Is An Android They Said

So You’re Telling Me…

That Moment You’re In The Gym

They Say You Are What You Eat

This Is How You Feel

Trains Hard For Every Tournament…

Want To Hear A Joke?

What Do You Mean

What Happens When You Finally Blocked A Hit

When Krillin Dies Again

You May Have Taken My Cheeseburger And My Drinks

Your Mom Is So Fat

What Do You Mean

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