20 Dr Evil Memes That Will Never Fail to Make You LOL

Played by Mike Myers, Dr. Evil is Austin Powers’ twin but evil brother. He’s always wanted to dominate the world with his absurd plans. He’s even threatened to make all the volcanoes around the world erupt at the same time. You’d often see him accompanied by interesting characters, like Number 2 and Mr. Bigglesworth.

If you are an Austin Powers fan, then this Dr. Evil meme collection will surely be a treat. Enjoy!

My Evil Niece Strikes Again


Can I Get A Hug

Throw Me A Frickin’ Bone Here


Microsoft Essentials

Aww Did I Hurt Your Feelings

How About We Do Something


When I Was Ready To Give You This


Maybe Just

And The Supermarket Worker Said

I’m Dr Evil

24 Hours

What Are Rules Of Engagement

Infinity Million Dollars

I Finally Quit Drinking For Good

Hey Hey Hey


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