20 Cute Dora The Explorer Memes


Everyone has heard of Dora the Explorer before, right? Right? If by some miracle you haven’t, it’s a children’s TV show starring the titular Dora, who loves to go on adventures with her talking monkey friend Boots. The formula of the show revolves around the duo adventuring through three places on their talking map, usually with the end goal of getting home.

Of course, since nothing escapes the internet, Dora is often parodied and some of the sillier aspects of the series get made fun of quite a bit as can be seen in a majority of the memes below. Tell us what your favorite Dora meme is among the ones we have on display here!

Where’s The Ocean

dora 6 year old me meme

8 Year Old Me

dora 8 year old me meme

Where’s The Ocean

dora 20 year old me meme

Dora The Explorer

dora as tall as my mom meme

When You Ask Children Questions

dora ask children questions meme

I Don’t Know What’s More Awkward

dora awkward meme

My Friends

dora cartoon meme

Chocolate Dora

dora chocolate meme

College Is Like Dora The Explorer

dora college meme

When The Only Thing You Explore Is The Refrigerator

dora explore meme

What Was Your Favourite Part Of Today

dora favourite part meme

Remember Dora

dora feel old yet meme

What Dora Will Do To You

dora help her find something meme

That Awkward Moment

dora in real life meme

When Someone Catches You Looking Through The Refrigerator

dora refrigerator meme

Remote Teaching

dora remote teaching meme

They Both Take 20 Mins

dora simple task meme

Me After Telling Dora To Go The Wrong Way

dora telling the wrong way meme

Remember Back In 2004

dora the world destroyer meme

What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Day

dora when you meme