15 Funny Versions Of The Distracted Boyfriend Meme

If you have a Twitter account or just about any social media, then you would have most likely seen a handful of Distracted Boyfriend memes. Also known as Man Looking At Other Woman, this meme shows the photo of a man looking appreciatively at the rear of an attractive woman despite having another seemingly pissed woman in tow. We assume she’s the girlfriend.

While it’s easy to dismiss the photo as that of a cheating fellow, creative meme-makers put some impressive spins to this object-labeling meme. These memes range from politics and science to just about anything under the sun. We even spotted a BTS and Zelda-inspired meme.

Check out these funny Distracted Boyfriend memes.

21st Amendment

All The Possible Artists To Cover

Capitalism VS Socialism

Cat Logic

Dangers Of Staring At The Sun

Distracted Photographer

Infectious VS Chronic Diseases

Knowing When To Use A Semicolon

Multiple Pressing Matters And Responsibilities

My Better Judgment

New Books At The Bookstore

Photojournalism VS Memes

Traditional Meme Template

Falls In Love Every Month

Writing, Art, Things I Love Doing

Can you make your own Distracted Boyfriend meme? If yes, what would it be about?

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