18 Witty and Funny Disney Villain Memes That Will Make You LoL


From Ursula trying to weasel her way into getting your voice to Maleficent’s sarcastic remarks, you just can’t help but kind of love these Disney villains. They are misunderstood characters who have either have self-confidence issues or was treated unfairly when they were young.

No matter what it is, one thing is for sure, their dialogues are amazing and their wit is outstanding. Imagine meeting them in real life? Kinda scary but awesome right? Now imagine them as memes. Exactly! Intimidating yet still funny.

Have some laughs with us while we scroll through our collection of Disney villain memes!


1. Before The Sun Sets

2. I Always Wanted To Be A Disney Princess

3. Prince Not So Charming

4. If Disney Villains Were Smart

5. Character Development Gone Wrong

6. We Don’t Talk About Such Things

7. Hot Villain Alert

8. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

9. RBF All Day

10. Please Consider Not Pausing

11. Signs That You’re A Disney Villain

12. A Faerie No Matter The Attitude Is Still A Fairy

13. He’s Different.

14. We’re Cool, Right?

16. I Grew It Myself

16. What Have You Got To Lose?

17. When You’re A Disney Villain but Worse

18. Tax Collection Sucks Even In Disney Movies

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