20 Strong Disney Princess Memes Because Women Run The World


International Women’s Day is only a week away. This year, the theme is “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”. It focuses on women empowerment and gender equality and the innovative ways we can advance these causes. It’s a time to make a difference as women and call for change. It’s a day to celebrate the extraordinary role women have played in the history of our respective countries.

Women have been represented to be weak in the past, even in animation which young girls watch. As children, we would watch Disney Movies and dream about being a Disney Princess and the handsome Prince sweeping us off our feet. Well, these funny Disney princess memes were made to get laughs and debunk that idea proving that princesses are strong and independent-minded people and still just as funny. Pocahontas, Mulan, Belle, Rapunzel, Anna, Ariel and Merida all embody the new face of Disney Princesses. All strong and independent.


Anna knows what she wants and goes for it!

Sometimes she won’t trust so easily

Anna dragging them all

Strong Women Communicate 

Mulan Knowing Her Priorities

Ariel Just Wanted To Have Fun

Just Let Aurora Sleep

Rapunzel Later Realized, She Can Rock A Bob

Ella Doesn’t Mind Staying Home, Just Don’t Mess With The WiFi

Pocahontas Knows What’s Real

Elsa vs Thor? I’m On The Princess’ Side

Even Princesses Have Bad Mornings

Jasmine Knows That Safety First Is The Key

Disney Princesses Have Flaws But Saves The World

Strong Women Make Their Own Beds, Sometimes.

Frida Knows

Ella Wants Comfort, She Knows She’d Be Running By 12

Strong Women Knows How To Celebrate

Princess Leia Has Come To Join The Party

You Don’t Tell A Princess What To Do, Ever!

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