20 Funny Sheldon Dinkleberg Memes From The Fairly Oddparents

Do you have a person who you always blame for everything? That’s what Sheldon Dinkleberg is to Mr. Turner, Timmy’s dad from the popular cartoon show The Fairly Oddparents.

Mr. Turner’s strong dislike is quite irrational given Mr. Dinkleberg’s overall pleasant behavior but that robotic lawnmower and spiffy house must be quite grating on Timmy’s dad’s nerves not to mention that they’re actually childhood rivals.

Check out all the things that Timmy’s dad’s been able to blame on his rich and successful neighbor in these funny Dinkleberg memes.

Air Conditioner Is Broken Again

dinkleberg air conditioner is broken meme

Anything Bad

dinkleberg anything bad meme

Cartoon Got Screwed Up

dinkleberg cartoon network meme

Foodfight Movie

dinkleberg foodfight movie meme

Good Morning Mr. Turner

dinkleberg good morning meme

This Is Where I Put The Hardest Guitar Hero Song Ever

dinkleberg hardest guitar hero meme

Hurricane Hanna

dinkleberg hurricane hanna meme

I Don’t Always Blame Other People For My Problems

dinkleberg i dont always blame other people meme


dinkleberg idiot meme

Keep Calm And Blame Dinkleberg

dinkleberg keep calm meme

The Most Evil Men In History

dinkleberg most evil men in history meme

No E3 For 2020

dinkleberg no e3 meme

Look My Old Swimsuit Still Fits

dinkleberg old swimsuit meme

Stop Blaming Everyone For All Of Your Problems

dinkleberg pick one person you hate meme

Raiding Area 51 Is Illegal

dinkleberg raiding area 51 meme

Whoa Has Anyone Zoomed Into The Silhouettes From The Smash Trailer

dinkleberg smash trailer meme

I Think We All Know Who’s Behind The Super Bowl Power Outage

dinkleberg superbowl power outage meme

The Prof Got Mutated

dinkleberg the prof got mutated meme

Trump Won The Elections

dinkleberg trump meme

Who’s To Blame

dinkleberg whos to blame meme

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