15 Funny And Assertive Did I Stutter Memes


You didn’t hear me the first time? You’re saying no to an order? You’re questioning what I said? There’s only one valid answer to that: Did I stutter?

Let Stanley from the hilarious show The Office show you how it’s done.

Check out these funny Did I Stutter memes.

Me When My Alarm Rings

did i stutter alarm clock meme

When Your Phone Autocorrects Hitler For Hit Her

did i stutter autocorrect meme

Okay That’s All

did i stutter cashier meme

I’m So Excited For Christmas

did i stutter christmas meme

Your Total Is $5.98

did i stutter customer meme

Kill Me Now

did i stutter friend meme

Every Gun Law Is An Infringement

did i stutter gun law meme

I’ll Have The Large Hummus Platter

did i stutter hummus meme

When Someone Asks If You’re Sure

did i stutter large order meme

I Love Everything About You

did i stutter love meme

Love One Another

did i stutter love one another meme

When Netflix Asks If You’re Still Watching The Office

did i stutter netflix meme

At Pancheros

did i stutter queso meme

I’m Going To Rewatch All Of The Office

did i stutter rewatch meme

Children Under 11 Eat Free

did i stutter waiter meme

Whenever you’re feeling frustrated over having to repeat yourself or people not hearing you, pull out a did-I-stutter meme. If you are a fan of the The Office, you’ll like these hilarious The Office memes.