20 Killer Dexter Memes


Dexter is a television series starring Dexter Morgan, a forensic investigator who leads a secret life of being a serial killer who tracks down and kills murderers. He essentially takes justice into his own hands, taking things outside of the law. The morality of Dexter is very questionable, but one thing is for sure: the show is a treasure trove of murder-related memes!

Dexter himself is, from concept alone, a very disturbing character. Take a look at some of the best Dexter memes we could find.

The Most Important Thing In Life Is To Be Yourself

dexter be yourself memes

I Should Buy Another Boat

dexter buy another boat memes

All I Want For Christmas Is You

dexter christmas memes

One Does Not Simply Kill Someone

dexter evidence memes

Spends Entire Season Talking About His Urge To Be A Family Man

dexter family man memes

Father Taught Him How To Kill

dexter father memes

He Knows When You Are Sleeping

dexter he knows memes

No Show Will Ever End As Badly As This Again

dexter hold my beer memes

I’ve Come To Miami To Eat Ice Cream

dexter ice cream memes

Kills Killers

dexter irony memes

I Don’t Always Kill Serial Killers

dexter kill serial killers memes

Killing People Like A Boss

dexter killing people memes

He’s A Lumberjack

dexter kills at night memes

Goes Snooping Around Bad Guys

dexter like a boss memes

They Told Me I Could Be Anything

dexter lumberjack memes

Dexter Morgan

dexter morgan memes

If I Was Santa

dexter santa memes

Do I See Sheets Of Plastic In Your Future

dexter sheets of plastic memes

Doesn’t Turn The Other Cheek

dexter slices it memes

Shaves Every Morning

dexter stubble memes

Say aye if these Dexter memes make you want to rewatch the show.