17 Funny I Love Democracy Memes That Show What People Really Think


Don’t you just love Democracy? We have the freedom to choose and the freedom to vote our own picks. And we’re not just talking about political elections. We’re talking about more important stuff like Youtube likes and Twitter polls.

Should that random dude shave his beard? Do you want to watch somebody cook spaghetti? Is Shaggy better than Thanos?┬áTake a look at these “I love Democracy” memes that show just what people think of celebrities, movies, and royalty.

Baby Yoda Gets More Social Media Interactions Than 2020 Democratic Candidates

democracy baby yoda meme

Who Wins In A Bare-Knickle Bar Fight

democracy bare knuckle bar fight meme

Is Rey A Better Jedi Than Anakin Skywalker

democracy better jedi meme

How Should Criminals On Mars Be Judged

democracy criminals on mars be judged meme

Dog Elected Mayor Of Cormorant Minnesota Again

democracy dog elected mayor meme

Fortnite And Minecraft

democracy fortnite minecraft meme

Maroon 5 Full Super Bowl Halftime Show

democracy maroon 5 meme

Which Movie Would You Choose

democracy movie meme

My Next Video Should Be

democracy next video meme

Would You Like To See Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Move To Canada

democracy prince harry meghan markle meme

Revenge Views

democracy revenge meme

Shaggy Vs Thanos

democracy shaggy vs thanos meme

Let’s Settle This

democracy sequel prequel meme

You Guys Asked For It

democracy shave meme

Which Show Did You Guys Like More

democracy show meme

Who Do You Trust More

democracy trust meme

Audience Score

democracy star wars movies meme

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