20 Debate Memes That Are Uncomfortably Relatable


Engaging in a debate requires guts and a lot of time to prepare. If you go in without enough preparation, you’re likely to lose and experience humiliation. And if you find yourself witnessing one, you’d know how long and boring it can get.

To perfectly highlight the experience, here’s our collection of hilarious debate memes you’ll surely be able to relate to. Go ahead and give yourself a good laugh!

So The Resolution

You’re In Debate

What If I Told You

Yeah So If The Judges Could Start Voting

One Does Not Simple

When You Didn’t Prepare At All

That Face You Make

Thank You For Your Question

Do You Want Time

It’s Debates Like This

Brace Yourself

Welcome To Public Forum Debate

But People Came That

Final Del Debate

I Know You Are

Not Sure If Smartest Person Ever

We’re Over Time The Time Limit

There’s No Place

How Others See

Formulates Argument 

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