17 Funny David Blaine Memes


Magicians are always exciting and fun to watch. Sure we can Google the tricks on the Internet but we always love a good magic trick. David Blaine is known for some amazing magic tricks but one of the most-oft fodder for the memes created about him is his funny facial expression after each trick.

Check out these funny David Blaine memes and see if you can “get” all of them.

Craig David Blaine

craig david blaine meme

My Name Was Once David Blaine

david blaine 44 days meme

David Blaine Is An Alien

david blaine alien meme

David Blaine Cat

david blaine cat meme

Clippers Sign David Blaine To Distract Steph Curry

david blaine clippers meme

Eat Ur Heart Awt

david blaine eat ur heart out meme

Finds Quarter On The Street

david blaine finds quarter meme

Hover Kitty

david blaine hover kitty meme

I Will Look For You

david blaine i wll find you meme

Looking Like David Blaine After He Finished A Magic Trick

david blaine looking like meme

Plays 1 On 1 Poker

david blaine poker meme

David Blaine

david blaine real mind fucker meme

David Blaine After A Simple Card Trick

david blaine simple card trick meme

David Blaine Strikes Again

david blaine strikes again meme

Me Watching The @davidblaine Special

david blaine tell me how meme

Answers A Bunch Of Questions

david blaine vanishes meme

What If David Blaine Can Really Do Magic

david blaine what if meme

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