20 Relatable and Funny Dating App Memes


Dating Apps are so big these days. You’ve got Tindr, Happn, Eharmony, Zoosk, OkCupid, Match.com, Bumble and a lot more. There seems to be a dating app sprouting every day. You’d think with these much dating apps you will finally get that dream date and be set with a happy ever after.

Yes and No. Sometimes you swipe right on a person that would have been the “LOML” on your contact list but most times you swipe right on a soon to be awkward night. But you keep downloading the apps hoping and praying this is the one. In reality, you feel like you’re just waiting to be part of the internet’s dating app memes

Let’s make you have a taste of what it’s like to use a dating app without actually downloading one. Just scroll down on these dating app memes and have a nice laugh with us.

1.  First Match Lucky, Not.

2. We Love A Patient Man

3. Should I Give Up Hope?

4. Expectation VS Reality

5. Mom, I’m Getting Married

6. Group Photos Confuse Me

7. My Go To Profile Picture, Taken 10 Years Ago

8. Let’s Get It

9. I’m Going On An Adventure. *Downloads Tinder*

10. This Is My Homecoming.

11. The Stress of Swiping Right

12. Hold Everything Up, We Got A Match

13. A Smart Person Wastes No Time. 

14. What They Think vs Reality

15. Catfish Catfish Catfish

16. I’m Just Gonna Stare At That Interesting Spot On The Wall

17. We’re Going Skydiving Without Parachutes

18. Praying Your Friend Makes That Rescue Call

19. It’s All In The Eye Of The Beholder

20. Your Choice Of Dating App Determines Your Character?

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