18 Sick Dank Memes To Share With Friends


There was a time when dank meant dark, damp, and musty like a creepy basement or a scary underground tunnel. Nowadays though, the term dank has taken on an entirely different meaning and when it comes to memes, it means cool but in a satirical sort of way.

If you’re on a hunt for dank memes, then you’ve come to just the right place. We’ve collected all the popular, bizarre, and clichéd memes from the internet. Take your pick and shower your friends with some dank memes.

7yo Me Watching How My Water Droplet Loses

Attacks Neutral Creature In A Game

Discovering Something That Doesn’t Exist

God: *Creates Humans*

Hello Dankness My Old Friend

I Don’t Know What Dank Or Spicy Memes

I See You Like Dank Memes

JK Rowling After Accidentally Stumbling Onto A Harry Potter

Just Aren’t What They Used To Be

Just A Tiny Fart, They Won’t Hear

Me:  *Listening Music Through Earphones*

Mediocre Action Movie Director

Not Sure If Dank Meme

Please Type In Your New Password

Dank Memes Surrounded By Normie Forces

Oh No! The People Have Risen To Overthrow Meme Government!

When A Meme Is So Dank

When You Create An Imaginary Argument

Which dank meme is your favorite?