25 Memes Of The Strong And Beloved Daenerys Targaryen


Are you a GoT fan? Or more particularly, are you a fan of the beautiful and much loved Queen Daenerys? If you are, these Daenerys memes are right up your alley.

Daenerys Targaryen is the epitome of a strong woman who has been to hell and back. She rises from the ashes of her despair as the Dragon Queen and mother of the first dragons in 150 years.

Her ferocity and beauty has spawned many funny memes. Check them out!

Can We Keep Him?

Don’t Be Afraid


Give Dwarves Their Mountain Back!

Hey, Cousin!

How I Smile At Aunties

How Your Mum Smiles At You

I Am Daenerys Targaryen

I Am Not Here To Be Queen

I Am The Last Targaryen

Can I Speak To Your Manager Please?

I’d Like To Speak With Your Supervisor

I Don’t Want To Die

I Must Advise You

Inside Dany’s Phone

I Will Turn This World To Ash!

Might Delete King’s Landing

People Can’t Love Jon

Remember Drogon When He Was Little?

You Were Supposed To Be The Chosen

Thank You For Coming Today

Ser Jorah, Wanna Hear A Joke?

We Will Not Lay Down Our Spears

When An Item Doesn’t Scan

When Jon Snow Arrives

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