Top 20 Cummins Memes You’ll Ever See

From mining haul trucks to pickup trucks, you can find Cummins engines in almost all types of vehicles. These engines promise durability, dependability, and power. Despite its popularity and performance, Cummins isn’t safe from becoming the subject of many jokes. Just see today’s collection of Cummins memes to see our point.

Cummins Owners Be Like

Say Cummings

I’m Not So Much About The Going

Dude Says He Has A Badass Cummins

Oh Your Truck Has A Cummins Engine In It

Oh Your Dodge Cummins Diesel Broke Down Again

Here’s The Deal

My Face When I Hear 

But It Has A Cummins

I Don’t Always Drive A Cummins

Buys A Cummins

So You Drive A Dodge Cummins

How Every Man Feels

Momma Says Cummins Owners Are Ornery

You Tell That Cummins Owner

When Someone Says

Dude Did You See That Cummins Turbo Diesel

Yo Dog I Heard You Drive

If You Could Stop Making

Either Me Or The Cummins

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