20 Memes For The Cool Dads Out There


Hey, is your dad cool? Is he the kind of dad all your friends wished they had? Maybe he’s an awesome rocket scientist or an amazing sports guy. Or maybe he’s a master chef and all your friends camp out in your kitchen.

Or is your dad the kind of parent who makes you roll your eyes in public with their antics? Maybe he sniffs his socks in public, or comes up with outdated lingo that he thinks is super trendy right now.

Either way, if you’ve got a dad who loves to spend time with you, then what you’ve got is a cool dad. Check out these cool dad memes and see if you can see your dad in any of them.

Dads Trying To Be Cool

Off To Work

Gaming DadsĀ 

That’s My Thing

I’m So Cool

I Packed My Daughters Lunch

I’ve Got the iPhone And The Bieber Cut

Keep It Gucci

Lit Socks

Here’s Some Beer

Get The Fist

People Tell Me I’m A Cool Dad

Party Checks

When Dad Is A Tattoo Artist

Family Teaching You To Drive

Yo Homies

When She Gives You A Father’s Day Card

When Your Dad Tries To Be Cool

When You Realize You’re The Coolest

You’re Doing It Right

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