20 Relatable Confused Mr. Krabs Memes

Confusion is a state we find ourselves in too often. In times of distress, use this funny confused Mr. Krabs meme to let the world know of your dilemma. The narrowing tunnel vision, an angry mob, a faltering grip on reality – they sum up our acute moments of confusion.

Check out these funny memes and discover how relatable they actually are.

When Mr Krabs Find Out Everyone Using His Picture

confused mr krabs aint making a single penny meme

When You Are Not Paying Attention In Class

confused mr krabs answer a problem meme

When You Get The Ball On The Perimeter

confused mr krabs ball meme

When The Cashier Already Done With You

confused mr krabs cashier meme

When You Think You Ain’t Drunk And Stand Up

confused mr krabs drunk meme

When You Turn In An Exam And Your Classmates Start Talking

confused mr krabs exam meme

When You Fall Asleep In Class

confused mr krabs fall asleep in class meme

When You Get Older And Learn The Family Secrets

confused mr krabs family secrets meme

When The Interviewer Says Besides Money Why Do You Want To Work Here

confused mr krabs interviewer meme

When You Laugh At Somebody Getting Roasted

confused mr krabs laugh at somebody getting roasted meme

When Your Mom Leaves You In Line To Grab Something Else

confused mr krabs leaves you in line meme

When You Lost The Boys In A Crowd

confused mr krabs lost the boys in a crowd meme

When You Just Wake Up From A Nap

confused mr krabs nap meme

When You Have No Friends In A Class

confused mr krabs no friends in a class meme

When The Optometrist Says 1 Or 2

confused mr krabs optometrist meme

When U At Your Girl House For Dinner

confused mr krabs pas me the salt daddy meme

When Ur Phone Go Off In Class

confused mr krabs phone go off in class meme

When You Showing Your Parents A Pic On Your Phone

confused mr krabs pic meme

You 3 Pizza Slices & 8 Wings Into A Random Super Bowl Party

confused mr krabs superbowl party meme

When You’re Trying To Cheat Off The Person Next To You

confused mr krabs trying to cheat meme

Poor Mr. Krabs. Here, have a Krabby Patty!

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