25 Condescending Wonka Memes You’ll Need In Your Arsenal


Condescending Wonka memes are a lot of fun! They’re like a license to be mean and superior in a harmless sort of way.

For example, if you ever feel like being patronizing and sarcastic to some lowlife who is taking up unnecessary space in the planet and breathing valuable oxygen, then feel free to pull a Condescending Wonka. Just make sure you’re ready to lose friends or have a horde of annoyed people after you.

Check out these funny Condescending Wonka memes.

All Men Are Pigs?

Immigrants Are Stealing Our Jobs?

I’m Not Being Condescending

I’ve Never Heard Of That Feeling

Oh, You Are Giving Up Facebook

Oh, You Have An iPhone Now

Oh, You’re A Model?

Oh, You’re Naturally Beautiful?

Playing Hardcore Games Makes You Mature

Please Suddenly Tell The Internet

So You Can Actually Read The King James

So You Grew Up In The 90s?

So, You’re An Atheist?

So You Watched A Youtube Video

So You Say You Don’t Care

So You’re Showing An Advertisement

You Have An Army

You Always Tweet The Places

You Are A Big Fan Of Mine

You Constantly Change LanesĀ 

You Didn’t Have Time To Do

You Know What Pokemon The Trainer Is Going

You Must Be Literally Strong

You Must Know Everything

You’re 15 With A Dog Tag Necklace

Wasn’t that a lot of Gene Wilder in one day?