18 COD Memes That’ll Keep You Hooked


Call of Duty is a really popular game for its great gameplay innovation and good sights and sounds that can easily hook anyone. With explosions and exciting campaign, you’ll surely have fun playing it, particularly when you have your friends in multiplayer.

If you or someone you know is addicted to the game, then this collection will surely hit the spot. We made sure to include only the best and most interesting COD memes in this collection. Scroll down and have fun!


He Never Gets Old

I Am A Genius

If I Get My Gun

COD Lobbies Be Like

Play Call Of Duty They Said

Round 1

Survives From Getting Shot

That One Friend

When The Biggest Noob

The Latest Weapon In COD Ghosts

This Isn’t Normal Warfare

Too Much Action

Welcome To A World

When You Do A Glitch

When You’re Grand Master Prestige

When Your Friend Gets Ebola

Welcome To COD

Where You Survive

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