18 Clutter Memes That’ll Make You Want To Tidy Up


Are you a clutter bug? Or is somebody in your family a compulsive hoarder? Maybe you need a Marie Kondo in your life?

It’s so easy to fall prey to mounting clutter. First off, there’s retail therapy. Buying is easier and more fun than finding storage space after. Then, there’s the sentimental bit where you can’t throw things out because they mean something. Or maybe it’s just being lazy. What’s that? Cleaning up? Let’s just do that tomorrow. Or maybe next year?

Check out these funny clutter memes below and maybe you’ll want to clean up after?

Grabbing Opportunity

Clutter Is A Lifestyle

Cleaning Up Paper Clutter

Clutter Everywhere

Let’s Get Creative

How To Get Rid Of Spring Clutter

Clutter Art

Chuck Norris On Clutter

“Empty Trash” Button

I Want To 

I Was First

Normal Day At Work

Mission Impossible

No One’s Meme Is Front Page

What Lives Under The Couch?

Stress Guy

Patrick’s Great Ideas

All Men Do Is Lie

Did these clutter memes spark joy in you? If yes, share one with a friend today!