23 Classical Art Memes You Didn’t Know You Needed


Classical art is a term generally used to describe art from what is known as the Classical period. A lot of this art came from Greek and Roman origins. While classical art is highly respectable stuff, you can’t deny that some of it are great meme material! For the sole purpose of this article, we define classical art as basically any artwork that looks like it was drawn in the past in a certain style so don’t come running to us if it’s technically not “Classical”!

Wanna see what we meme? Take a look at some of the great memes that were born from these classic artworks below! If you recognize any of the following artworks, be sure to tell us as well. We’re just as clueless about art as you are!

When You Refuse To Pay $20 For Snacks At The Cinema

classical art cinema snacks memes

Ugh Coffee Gives Me So Much Anxiety

classical art coffee memes

When The Sign In The Museum Says Do Not Touch

classical art do not touch memes

When Your Drunk Friends Try To Look Sober

classical art drunk friends memes

Why Does No One Ever Invite Me Out

classical art excuses memes

When You Read Your Facebook Posts From 2009

classical art facebook posts memes

Googles Symptoms

classical art google symptoms memes

I Just Saw A Great Movie

classical art great movie memes

When You Promised Him A Birthday Treat

classical art meme birthday treat

What Inspired You To Write The Essay Francis

classical art meme due date

When I Said Have Her Stoned

classical art meme have her stoned

I Want It Done By Naptime

classical art meme legos

Me In The Mirror

classical art meme me in the mirror vs me in photos

Are You Still There

classical art meme netflix

When You’ve Been Dating A Few Months Now

classical art meme pyschopath

When A Sad Song Comes On In The Car

classical art meme sad song

Trying To Take A Selfie In 1646

classical art meme selfie

When You Just Sat Down

classical art meme someone call your name

When You Go To A Fancy Party

classical art meme steal their new tv in a party

You’re Always Reclining

classical art meme too lazy

When A Girl Texts You

classical art meme who dis

Me When I Get Paid

classical art paycheck memes

When You Show Your Parents A Pic On Your Phone

classical art phone pics memes