24 Cinderella Memes You’ll Totally Find Funny


Cinderella is a popular fairy tale not just to children but also to adults who feel young at heart. From its storyline to its characters, there’s just something about Cinderella that people can instantly relate to. But you know what else makes Cinderella popular? It’s those memes that are getting viral on the internet.

Luckily, we have a Cinderella meme collection you can totally enjoy today. Scroll down and just have a good laugh!

You Can’t Go Now

If Cinderella’s Shoe Fit Perfectly

When You Have A Great Comeback 

When Someone Doesn’t Text You Back

What Is This Shit


I’m This Close

The Girls Call Me

Stay For The Closing Dance

Stares Into Your Eyes

Some People In The Morning

Scrub The Floor Cinderella

Says Cinderella

Ripped Dress

On September 1st

Not Sure If Cinderella

My Life

I Was All Over The Place Tonight

It Was The Most Wonderful Dream

I’m Sick Of Guys

If Cinderella Happened Today

Disney Taught Me

Afternoon Snack

2AM Goals

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