24 Uproariously Funny Chuck Norris Memes


If watching action movies is your forte, then these Chuck Norris memes will definitely give your stomach a workout!

Chuck Norris is a legend among men. An actor and martial artist with decades-long experience, Chuck Norris is well-known in the entertainment business. However, it’s not what catapulted him to “legend” status. It’s these larger-than-life jokes about the man.

Ever heard of Chuck Norris facts? If you guys are still naive of how awesome Chuck Norris is, then you guys are in for a treat!

1Chuck Norris Can Cut Through A Hot Knife

2Chuck Norris Has Been To Mars

3How To Tie A Knot

4Chuck Norris’s Tears Cure Cancer

5Chuck Norris Threw A Grenade

6Chuck Norris Was Here

7Chuck’s Gmail Account

8Death Once Had A Near-Chuck Experience

9Guns Carry Him

10“I’m Sorry, You Have The Wrong Number”


12Jesus Can Walk On Water

13Kills 50 People With Gun

14Lightning Doesn’t Strike Chuck Norris

15Once Dug A Hole

16Once Killed A Man

17Step On Lego

18The Flu Has To Get

19There Is No Theory Of Evolution

20When Chuck Norris Misspells A Word

21When Chuck Norris Was Born

22When I Slice Onions

23When I Stare At The Sun

24When Nature Calls

Weren’t these Chuck Norris memes super funny?