20 Legendary Chuck Norris Memes We Can’t Do Without


Legend has it that Chuck Norris invented memes in 1941 while learning how to walk. But we can’t really be sure about this. All we know is these Chuck Norris Meme collection is just too good to not be shared.

Enjoy and try not to roll off the floor laughing.

He Solved It

He Cut Through It

Death was never the same again.

You’re Wrong, He’s Right.

Chuck did that with a spoon

Cuddly Teddy

Rock, Paper, Scissors

He’s Alright

Middle Schooler Chuck

Liam Calls Chuck

Jesus, Chuck!

Chuck’s Power

You’re That Man Now

Chuck Has Pepper Spray On Hand

Played Russian Roulette

Poker Face

Flu Shots

Grim Reaper Has Something To Say

Chuck’s Prime

Working Out With Chuck