20 Rib-Tickling Chris Farley Memes

Chris Farley had a really loud and funny personality which made his stay with SNL back in the 90’s a huge hit. His stint there paved his film debut in Wayne’s World and Tommy Boy shortly after. In his career, he had made millions of people laugh with his comic and enthusiastic acts and fortunately, the fun doesn’t stop there.

Today, we’re sharing with you the funniest Chris Farley memes you’ll surely enjoy.

Some People Might Say New SNL

I Once Knew A Guy

My Shoulder Doesn’t Hurt But My Face Does

There’s No Alcohol

I’ll Come Over There

Kids Today Will Never Know

You Remember When It Was Summer

Let Me Sleep

Voting In This Election

Cuz I Got No Place To Go

Perhaps I Don’t

Doctor Says

When You Wake Up Late

What You Do

Wanna Hear Country Music

My Dad’s Mayor

Maybe I Don’t

Remember That Time It Snowed

chris farley memes snowed


Angry Chris Farley

The Only Guy Could Have Accurately Portrayed Rob

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