20 Chinese Memes That Are Just Plain Funny


China is one of the most popular countries today. It’s considered the mother of inventions for all the cool things it was able to develop. Thanks to China, we now enjoy gunpowder, compass, paper, and printing. But you know what else?

Chinese people are also popular in the world of memes. Just check out this awesome Chinese meme collection and find out what we’re talking about. Enjoy!

What Do You Call A Chinese Guy With A Video Recorder

Chinese Jokes

What Has Two Wings And An Arrow

Confucius Say

You Only Rive Once

Herro Doctor 

When I Said Nuke The Chinese 

It’s Hard To See Through These Eyes

Happy Birthday In Chinese

Why The Heck

Everything Is Made In China

Dealing With China

Wing Wing Wing

You Remind Me Of My Chinese Friend


Confucius Say

I Am Not Chinese

This Is Way Better Than 

Oh You Speak Chinese

What Do You Call A Chinese Billionaire

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