20 Chef Memes That Perfectly Highlight Life In The Kitchen


Becoming a chef can seem like a good career choice. In reality, however, that’s far from the truth.

As a chef, you may need to skip holidays, weddings, and family gatherings because of work. You won’t get a time out even on your sick days.

You may need to spend a lot of hours on your feet and in an environment that can make you sweat a lot. You may even experience kitchen injuries at some point.

Those things, however, shouldn’t make you detest becoming a chef. In fact, they should make you feel challenged.

As a way to make things lighter for you and to make you smile today, we’ve collected the best and most hilarious chef memes that will surely make you smile today. Have fun!

You Sent Out So Much Smoke

You Put So Much Ginger In The Cake

Why Did The Bork Bork

When You Ask For Extra Salt

When I Say The Kitchen Is Closed

When I Hear A Knife Hit The Floor

What The Hell Is That

The List Of Front Of House

The Duck Is So Raw

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road

Step One

Pastry Chef

Executive Chef

When He Can Cook

How I Feel

Gay Haircut

Goes For Smoke

Getting To Work

Executive Chef

At Least

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