24 Ludicrous And Funny Change My Mind Memes


If you want to create a safe space for an intellectual and philosophical debate, do you know what you should do? You need to set up a table outside of a university and post a big sign. Print something either very stupid or debatable and then ask people to change your mind.

That’s what podcaster Steven Crowder did outside of Texas Christian University. His original slogan was “Male Privilege is a myth / Change My Mind”. Since then, a lot of people have photoshopped the original photo.

Check out these mind-boggling Change My Mind memes.

Bats Are Bugs

change my mind bats are bugs meme

Those Teenagers Deserved It

change my mind halloween meme

Halo 2 Is Better Than Halo 3

change my mind halo 2 meme

Hilary Swank Isn’t Hot

change my mind hillary swank meme

I Love My GF

change my mind i love my gf meme

The Best Game Must Evoke Strong Emotions Through The Story

change my mind meme best games

Sometimes A Change Of Scenery Is Nice

change my mind meme change of scenery

Every College Campus Has At Least 5 Girls That Are 10 Out Of 10

change my mind meme every college campus

Facts Do Not Always Change People’s Minds

change my mind meme facts

It’s A Trap

change my mind meme it's a trap

Male Privilege Is A Myth

change my mind meme male privilege

Milk Is Cereal Sauce

change my mind meme milk is cereal sauce

Romantic Movies Should Be Considered Sci-Fi

change my mind meme romantic movies

The Earth Isn’t Flat

change my mind meme the earth isn't flat

The Original Change My Mind Meme

change my mind meme the original

You Are Cute

change my mind meme you are cute

All Set For My Meeting

change my mind meme you don't deserve to pass

We Are Better At Motorsport Than Football

change my mind motorsport meme

Only Money Will Do

change my mind only money will do meme

Pluto Is Not A Planet

change my mind pluto meme

Pop Tarts Are Ravioli

change my mind pop tarts meme

You Need A High IQ To Understand Rick And Morty

change my mind rick and morty meme

This Is Fine

change my mind this is fine meme

Twilight Is The Best

change my mind twilight meme