20 Funny Castaway Memes That Are Relatable in 2020


Cast Away was an excellent movie that graced movie screens way back in 2000. In the movie, Chuck Nolan (Tom Hanks) is a FedEx employee who gets stranded in an uninhabited island.

The movie is more than one hour of pure survival. We cheer on Chuck as he finds food and shelter, and tries to keep his sanity. The parts people most often remember are Wilson the volleyball floating away and that tooth extraction scene. Torture at its finest.

Now that people are in lockdowns and social distancing, it’s a perfect time to revisit these Cast Away memes.

Me After 5 Months of 2020

castaway 5 months memes


castaway 2020 memes

If You Watch Cast Away Backwards

castaway backwards memes

Yeah Breakups Suck

castaway breakups memes

Clients Be Like

castaway clients be like memes

How You Look Trying To Reason With A Crazy Patient

castaway crazy patient memes

Dads Barbequing Every Night In Quarantine

castaway dads barbequeing memes


castaway end of quarantine memes

How I Look

castaway exam period memes

When You’re Waiting For Your FedEx Package

castaway fedex package memes

Because Only Tom Hanks Can Make You Cry

castaway lost ball memes

Lost My Phone

castaway lost phone memes

How I Feel When There’s No Rain

castaway no rain memes

When You Finally Build The Noob Tool

castaway noob tool memes

Me In Quarantine

castaway quarantine memes

Day 13 Of Self-Isolation

castaway self isolation memes

Accidentally Turning On The Webcam

castaway webcam memes

When The Wifi Isn’t Working

castaway wifi memes


castaway wilson bestfriend memes

Day 3 Of Working From Home

castaway working from home memes