20 Cardio Memes That Will Definitely Crack You Up

Cardio workout is always the least favorite. It’s repetitive and most people find it boring. To add spice to this usual boring routine, we have rounded up the best and funniest cardio memes that you and your workout buddies can most definitely relate to.

Check the collection below and pick your favorite cardio meme!

After An Hour On The Treadmill…

But I Don’t Want To Do Cardio

Can’t Have Bad Cardio If You Have No Cardio

Cardio? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Cardio? And Lose These Gains?

Cardio? Is That Spanish?

Cardio Rocks!

Cardio? That’s Any Set Over 5 Reps

Cardio? You Mean Lifting Weights Faster?

Cardio? You’ll Loose All Your Gains Bro

Completed A Cardio Workout Didn’t Die

Me When Everyone Is Lifting Heavy And I’m Doing Cardio

Morning Cardio No One Ever Said I Dad To Look Pretty

morning cardio meme

The Face Of Cardio

Three Minutes Into Cardio…

We Must Do Cardio But We Hates It

When Someone Tells You They Enjoy Cardio

When Your Girl Keeps Asking You Why Don’t You Do Cardio

Yea, No… Don’t Put Me Down For Cardio

Yo Mate Cardio Day Today

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