25 Business Cat Memes That Will Put Your CEO To Shame


You probably know a lot of famous cats like Garfield, Grumpy Cat, and Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. If you’re into Japanese pop culture, you may have even heard of Maru, that adorable cat who loves boxes.

But do you know about business cat?

In January 2011, a forum user posted a picture of her boyfriend’s cat. The cat’s name was Emilio and he was wearing an adorable tie in his photo. This gave rise to the infamous Business Cat. Today, Business cat lords it over the office and the internet like it’s nobody’s business.

Check out these funny Business Cat memes.

Boss Said

Boss, I Need A Raise

Cancel My 3 O’Clock

Clear My Schedule

Climbed The Corporate Ladder

Dead Mouse On Your Desk

Get Me Those Reports

Good Morning, Mr. Fluffles!

Here’s What We Need 

How Am I Supposed To Get

If You’ll Look Into My Resume

If You Take A Look

I Heard You Spent All Day Looking

I’m Stuck At The Top

I Need All Ideas On The Table

I Really Enjoyed Your Presentation

It’s Time For Your Purrformance

Need That Report Right Meow

New Office Equipment Has Arrived

Sorry Sir, It Appears

This corporate Merger Smells Fishy

We’re Going To Have To Think

We’re Going To Need You To Stay

What A Crazy Day

You Used A Laser Pointer