20 Burrito Memes That’ll Make You Feel Excited

Burritos can be addicting. They have just the right amount of rice, beans, meat, cheese, and vegetables to make you crave for them all the time. They can even have chunks of avocado and fries to make your taste buds excited. Because they are so good, just the mere mention of them can make anyone smile.

Now, to make you even more excited, we’re presenting an awesome burrito meme collection we know you won’t be able to resist.

Did Someone Say Burrito

I Love Burritos

Does Not Simply Throw Away A Burrito

Everyone Gets A Breakfast Burrito

A Burrito Is A Sleeping Bag

Eating A Spicy Burrito 

I Want My Bean And Cheese Burrito

Huge Burrito

My Burrito Is So Hot

Juan Does Not Simply

How Many Burritos Do You Want

I’m Gonna Buy This Burrito

Did Someone Say

You Said You Don’t Want Breakfast Burritos

One Chicken Burrito Please

Breakfast Burrito

No No No

This Is The Best Burrito I’ve Ever Eaten

Burrito On Friday

Did You Say

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