35 BTS McDonalds Meal Memes That Will Have You Craving Nuggets


The BTS Meal isn’t even here yet but a global community is already a-buzzing with excitement over a celebrity McDonald’s meal.

BTS is the 7-member musical act that is making waves all around the world. With fans in different countries and a huge and diversified audience, their ARMY fandom is visibly empowered and highly organized. McDonald’s have partnered with BTS to create a celebrity meal with 10 pieces of chicken nuggets, fries, drinks, and a special sweet chili and cajun dip. 

Previous celebrity meals with Travis Scott and J Balvin have been very successful but it’s the first time a McDonald’s meal is being offered in a multitude of countries. Fun memes and anticipatory gifs have abounded.

Check out these funny BTS McDonald’s meal memes.

Get In Army

The Fries I Wanna Order At McDonalds

Here’s Your BTS Meal McFlurry

Namjoons Thighs

Here’s Your BTS Meal

Me Staring At McDonalds Employees

Tall Blonde And Gorgeous

My Local McDonalds Employee

Me Behind A Kid In The McDonalds Line

McDonalds Drive Thru

Army At McDonalds May 26

Now I Can’t Unsee This

Does It Come With A Photocard

Armys Gathering On The McDonalds Be Like

The One With The Jimin Pic Please

Place Your Bets

Me Waiting In The McDonalds Line

Me With The BTS McDonalds Sauces

This Is How I’m Pulling Up To The Drive Thru

McDonalds I’m In Love

McDonalds Employees

Welcome To McDonalds

What I Hope To See

McDonalds Employee

Sometimes I Just Can’t With TikTok Army

The McDonalds Worker

Vegan For Four Years


Me Flirting With McDonald’s Workers

Army Waiting Outside McDonalds

Me @ The McDonalds

Me Getting Ready For Jungkook Photocard

Me When I Arrive At McDonalds


The Struggle Is Real